Motorists are now paying an extra 2.12p per litre of petrol as a Government fuel tax increase comes into force.

Last year, fuel prices were at record levels, encouraging the Government to delay the plans to increase duty.

Sue Robinson, director of the Retail Motor Industry Federation said: “Yet again the Government is set to hit the lower paid hardest with the fuel duty rise of two pence per litre in September and the reintroduction of the fuel duty escalator in 2010”.

Commenting on the Budget, John Drummond, chief executive of the Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) said: ‘There is little in this budget to boost business within the convenience store sector. The 2% increase in alcohol duty is unwelcome news for retailers and consumers neither of whom needs another tax increase during an economic slowdown. The increase in fuel duty by 2p per litre from September will increase costs for all retailers and for rural and remote retailers in particular.