Renault and Citroen plan network shake-ups

Renault UK is considering plans to restructure its dealer network in a ‘hub and spoke’ model to better meet the needs of its customers.

This would see the country divided into 60 to 65 territories and Renault working with a partner in each one to tailor the network to their needs.

The French brand has insisted that it is not looking to reduce the size of its 144-site network, however.

News of its plan came as Citroën has told its UK dealers that their future lies in sharing sites with other car brands if they are to survive.

Citroën UK managing director Karl Howkins said he fears the country is heading for recession and hard Brexit, and the carmaker’s scenario modelling suggests new car and van sales in the UK will fall by at least 10% and possibly as much as 25%.

That would send the current total industry annual volume of about 2.68 million cars and vans down to just more than 2m units, similar to its annual level during 2008’s recession.

[source: Automotive Management online]